98% of Material Recycled


At Novus, we believe sustainability is inherent to the success of custom plastic extrusion manufacturing. We recycle 98% of our material, such as PVC, steel and scrap metal, cardboard, oil, and wood pallets. Over the last 10 years, we have reduced our landfill by 90%. We have worked with our customers to find environmentally conscious solutions, minimizing our foot print.

At Novus, we offer our customers the opportunity to use recycled material to support their own sustainability initiatives.

By repurposing all raw material containers, filtering and recycling the water we use to cool our plastic extrusions and installing Integrated Power Load Controls (IPLC), we strive to be more efficient and sustainable with each custom extrusion we manufacture.

We use various LEAN tools, including visual status boards, one-piece flow, Just-In-Time delivery, Kanban (internal and external), and value stream mapping.

Our customers can trust Novus to always use best practices to deliver sustainable, custom plastic extrusions.

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